Schools we Serve

  • St. Bartholomew is a Catholic Elementary school with 207 students, located in the Portage Park Neighborhood

  • St. Malachy is a Catholic Elementary school with 230 students, located on the Southwest side of Chicago

  • St. Catherine/St. Lucy is a Catholic Elementary school with 200 students, located in Oak Park

  • St. Therese is a Catholic Elementary school with 290 students, located in Chinatown

  • St. Stanislaus Kostka is a Catholic Elementary school with 154 students, located in the Wicker Park Neighborhood

  • St. John's Lutheran is a Lutheran Elementary school with 165 students, located in the Portage Park Neighborhood

  • Queen of Angels is a Catholic Elementary school with 419 students, located in the North Center Neighborhood

  • North Shore Adventist Academy is a Christian school with 75 students located in the Budlong Woods Neighborhood

  • St. Germaine is a Catholic Elementary school with 220 students, located in Oak Lawn

  • DePaul College Prep is a Catholic College Prep High School with 500 students, located on the Northwest side of Chicago

Superior Chicago Tutoring is proud of the partnerships we've formed with local Chicago area schools. Each school we work with has a designated Title 1 classroom which is staffed by a Reading and Math Teacher. When needed, we can also provide an Academic Coach. Each of our schools is assigned a dedicated Program Coordinator with both classroom and school administrative experience who works closely with partner school principals and classroom teachers to make sure the best possible result is happening in each classroom each day. Program Coordinators also support our teaching staff, through collaborative coaching and special assistance.

With a maximum of 8 students in the Title 1 classroom, our capable teachers help students keep pace with their grade level in both reading and math, in grades K-12. These small-group sessions act to reinforce each classroom teacher's core content in math and reading. In addition, this specialized attention fosters a relationship where our teachers become student mentors and motivators to help build student self confidence.

Our support doesn't end with instruction. We also purchase all classroom resources and supplies to assist our teachers with everything they need to do their job.

“Superior Chicago Tutoring services, at St. Bartholomew School, provide a collaborative team approach between the classroom teacher and the Title 1 teacher to provide  intervention instruction in both Math and Reading. The support that is provided to our students by Superior Chicago Tutoring services helps each student to achieve their educational goals and become confident learners.”

- School Principal


Superior Chicago Tutoring, Inc. is dedicated to helping children of all backgrounds and abilities reach their academic potential.

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