From Our Teachers

"I feel fortunate to work for Superior Chicago Tutoring because I receive so much support as a teacher. I get the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with students who benefit from the one-on-one and small group instruction that I can provide through Title 1 services. I see so much student growth because I am able to provide such individualized support."
– SCT Teacher


 "I have had a great experience working for Superior Chicago Tutoring. I feel valued and respected as a professional and love the opportunity to use my skills with small groups of students. As a parent of small children, I appreciate that the company works with me to create a teaching schedule that works for this stage in my life. I have great relationships with my coworkers. I feel that we are a collaborative team and can always reach out for any help I might need. Also, I think that we all share a basic but important philosophy that all children deserve to have a high quality education, which is why we do what we do! I believe that Superior Chicago Tutoring is making a positive impact in all of our schools. In addition, I appreciate the opportunity to work for a company owned and run by women."
– SCT Teacher


"This job allows me the opportunity to fully engage with a small groups of students while collaborating with classroom teachers to offer the best intervention strategies possible to help students succeed. It's a win-win for everyone involved in the learning process."
– SCT Teacher


From Parents

"The Title 1 program provides my son the extra support he needs, about things I cannot help him with at home."
– Title 1 Parent
"Title 1 has been a big help for my daughter with receiving extra support in reading, writing and mathematics."
– Title 1 Parent
"Title 1 is a big help with (my daughter’s) learning, and it helps her with reading, writing and mathematics."
– Title 1 Parent
"I love the Title 1 program, it helps my child by offering one on one time which allows my student to see how they are making progress."
– Title 1 Parent
"Title 1 is an excellent program. It has helped my son tremendously with pronunciation and recognizing rhyming words. He enjoys his teachers because they make it fun while learning. Mrs Camacho and staff thank you all so much."
– Title 1 Parent


From Our Principals

"Superior Chicago Tutoring has been our Title 1 support for the last three years – since we first established a Title 1 program at our school.
We cannot say enough about the services provided. Superior’s teachers work hand-in-hand with our faculty to ensure that our students receive the academic help they need. They are dedicated and hard-working and in fact, go above and beyond to make sure that our program runs smoothly and efficiently.
The teachers provided by Superior Chicago love and care for our children day after day. They carve out extra time for students in need and meet with parents to discuss both successes and failures. We consider them part of our staff and respect their insight and opinions.
We are better able to meet the needs of our children with Superior Chicago’s help. We are a better school because of their assistance."

– Principal, St. Catherine of Siena St. Lucy School


"Superior Chicago Tutoring services, at St. Bartholomew School, provide a collaborative team approach between the classroom teacher and the Title 1 teacher to provide intervention instruction in both Math and Reading. The support that is provided to our students by Superior Chicago Tutoring services helps each student to achieve their educational goals and become confident learners."

– Principal, St. Bartholomew School


Superior Chicago Tutoring has partnered with us in supporting our diverse learners, working with students and our teachers to ensure all students succeed at the highest levels possible.

– Principal, DePaul College Prep


Superior Chicago Tutoring, Inc. is dedicated to helping children of all backgrounds and abilities reach their academic potential.

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